Sales Model

Sales Model

The specific sales model of the Toyra system is adapted to the needs/possibilities of each client. From purchase as a closed product/package of the complete system to distributed service from the cloud according to pay-per-use paradigms. This provides a wide range of situations and possibilities for the services that might be required.

The services and options that are generally applied to clients that acquire the Toyra system are described below.

General Services

  • System Installation: depending on the specific sales modality, this may be in the HW facilitated by the client, the HW provided in the sale and/or in the cloud infrastructure. Installation shall include the management application, one or more therapy work stations, and the normal database, all in the language indicated by the client.
  • Onsite post-deployment maintenance: On-site resolution of any technical incidents that might arise shall be provided.
  • Product training: Once the product is installed in the client’s premises, training shall be provided in familiarisation with the tools, with the support of the tools themselves in production phase, user manuals, presentation and user guides.
  • Parameterisation of 4 courses: Depending on the characteristics of the client’s patients and the therapy processes in each case, a consultant shall provide parameterisation of 4 specific courses using the set of pre-designed exercises and sessions.
  • Guarantee: any defect of form in the proposed HW/SW shall be guaranteed for 1 year, consisting of replacement of the HW and repair of SW problems. The client shall then be offered an annual corrective maintenance contract based on the client’s needs.

 Optional Services

  • Integration with client’s management systems. The system can receive and send data to different patient management systems as per the patient’s requirements.
  • Patient therapy results report adaptation to requirements set by the client. These reports show the results per patient, per session, per exercise, per normality, etc.
  • Definition of new work exercises and sessions adapted the client’s needs and patients’ typology (based on current scenarios and virtual worlds). New sessions and exercises can be defined alongside the client to adapt them both to the patient type and to the requirements detected by healthcare staff to cover their treatments. These definitions must adapt to prior Toyra requisites.
  • Inclusion or development of new virtual worlds, avatars and elements. If the client requires, new virtual worlds, avatars and elements can be included in the system.
  • Integration of other equivalent motion capturing devices. There is the possibility of developing integration with motion capture devices on the market that the client may require.
  • Evolution and improvements. User (client and patient) contributions shall be collected to develop improvements and evolutions that come out of working with Toyra.


The following documents are available along with the Toyra system and are provided accordingly:

  • Licence: this sets out the general use agreements for the software. The specific terms and conditions for the client are specified in the contract.
  • Installation manual: this brings together the system installation procedures and is provided in those cases where the client prefers to install the system himself.
  • Operation manual: this contains the specific indications for configuring and parameterising the system.
  • User manual: This document contains the specific indications for managing the system