Toyra Partners

The Toyra Project has become a reality thanks to the close collaboration with Indra, the Rafael del Pino Foundation and the Research and Integration Foundation at the Toledo National Hospital for Paraplegics


Indra is a global technology, innovation and talent company. It is on the cutting edge of high value-added solutions and services for the Transport and TrafficEnergy and IndustryPublic Administration and HealthcareFinancial ServicesSecurity and Defence and Telecom and Media sectors. The company operates in more than 118 countries and has more than 40,000 employees worldwide, focusing on developing innovative solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding clients. Indra ranks second in Europe by R&D spend, investing close to €500m during the last three years.

Indra supplies a new people-focused global healthcare system model based on accessibility, clinical safety, sustainability and inter-operability criteria where:

  • Individuals also interact with their health records.
  • Professionals receive the necessary information at all times.
  • The Indra model covers all administrative and care areas for a regional, national or corporation health system.
  • Its technical approach allows information from all centres to be accessible and shared, especially patient healthcare records.

Fundación Rafael del Pino

The main aim of the Rafael del Pino Foundation is to contribute to the improvement of knowledge among Spanish directors based on the principles of free  individual initiative, free market and free enterprise. The Foundation understands that the dynamism of a country and its creation of wealth are based essentially on the competitiveness of its businesses and that depends fundamentally on the education of its citizens and the capabilities of its directors.

The Foundation does not limit the concept of director to the business world. It also values other fields of knowledge such us Economy, Law and Justice, Healthcare, Media, Politics and Public Administration, International Relations, History or Education.

Knowledge of the past helps to project the future. Therefore it is the Foundation wish to complement its aims by contributing to the knowledge of History. Likewise, the Foundation’s Board of Directors by initiative of its Founder, considered healthcare should take a relevant place among its activities with the aim of contributing to improve the citizens’ living conditions.

In line with its aims, activities related to leader training have utmost relevance. Within this category are included scholarships granted to both students prominent for their excellence and lecturers who might make brilliant contributions to the different fields of knowledge. On these lines, the Foundation offers training and research programmes. Likewise, the Foundation organises diverse conferences and meetings where prominent political, financial and social leaders analyse in depth current problems and realities. Over thirty Nobel Prize winners have given keynote speeches in the Foundation’s Madrid headquarters.

For these purposes, the Rafael del Pino Foundation invests and assigns its resources in an efficient way.

Fundación Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos de Toledo

The National Hospital for Paraplegics Foundation for Research and Integration intends to attain and manage means and resources for carrying out programmes and projects aimed at the following general interest purposes:

In Research:

  • The promotion and coordination of the performance and development of scientific research programmes applied to Biomedicine and Health Sciences: Physiopathology research into Spinal Injuries and Basic or Applied Clinical Research.
  • Helping research staff investigations and training in collaboration with universities and public or private institutions working in this field.
  • Promoting research progress, information and experience to society and the healthcare field.
  • Promoting the optimal use of resources in research ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and quality as a key element in the public healthcare system.
  • Guaranteeing the principle of legality, ethical principles and professional ethics in research and knowledge management.
  • Assisting in the funding and management of research, technological development and innovation processes in the field of Biomedicine and Health Sciences.

Inside Social Inclusion:

  • Promoting higher quality-of-life for beneficiaries via programmes aimed at said purpose.
  • Running Programmes seeking full social, work and family inclusion for beneficiaries.
  • Promoting accessibility, inclusive leisure, adaptive sport and universal design.
  • Anything else related to the aforementioned agreed by the Foundation Board.

Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos de Toledo

Providing integral health and rehabilitation services for those with spinal cord injuries in an appropriate, effective and efficient manner with professional quality and human caring that creates social benefits.

The National Hospital for Paraplegics will meet its mission enthusiastically, committing to those with spinal injuries and to society in a desire to seek out excellence through knowledge provided by continuous professional training, technology provision and updating, and an ethical and humanistic vision in line with user requirements, providing strategically planned healthcare services and making us a national and international benchmark.

  • Focused on patients and society.
  • Teamwork and interdependence (at Castile-La Mancha Public Healthcare System level and the Hospital’s internal level).
  • Rationality and responsibility in using financial resources, seeking out efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Professional training for those in the organisation.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Diversity and complementarity.
  • Opening up to social and technological change.
  • Corporate social responsibility with the environment and professional ethics, and the organisation.

At the HNPT we work alongside the Biomechanics and Technical Assistance Department.