Assisted Toyra

Assisted Toyra

Assisted Toyra is a rehabilitation tool for the professional setting. Its capacities include objective measurements, treatment and monitoring of rehabilitation process results for a large number of patients. Assisted Toyra is a powerful tool for rehabilitation professionals and related scientific activity. It also complies with the motivation aims and support for patients in the rehabilitation process.

Assisted Toyra has a patient administration system including electronic medical records. It also has customisable therapy management for every patient.


  • Server (on client platform)
  • Patient screen
  • Work station
  • Sensor kit
  • Hospital software (Upper limb rehabilitation exercises including: cerebrovascular accident, spine injury and other illnesses)
  • Services included:
    • Installation
    • Training
    • Integration with other current Information Systems
    • Maintenance (after the first year)

Request Demonstration

If you would like to see how Toyra works, we can organise a demonstration for you. We can show you both the Independent and Assisted version in a single session.

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