Independent Toyra

Independent Toyra

Once the hospital period is over, rehabilitation continues to be necessary. For this reason, Toyra aligns with Microsoft Kinect. Independent Toyra offers the chance to do rehabilitation with the advantages of Toyra and the technology provided by Microsoft Kinect.

Assisted Toyra combines the rehabilitation sessions designed by rehabilitation experts and prescribed by doctors with the easy use of Kinect.

The Independent Toyra system is easy to use for patients, more economical and enables remote monitoring of rehabilitation by professionals who manage and monitor the entire independent rehabilitation process.



  • Internet Connection (ADSL recommended)
  • Kinect Camera
  • Standard TV Monitor (with HDMI)
  • Set of exercises (Upper limb rehabilitation exercises)
  • Online software
  • User documentation
  • Services included:
    • Telephone support
    • Online training

Request Demonstration

If you would like to see how Toyra works, we can organise a demonstration for you. We can show you both the Independent and Assisted version in a single session.

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