Interactive Therapy Stations

Interactive Therapy Stations

The interactive therapy sub-system is the tool that executes the therapy sessions themselves. In other words, it compiles the patient’s movements, processes them, transfers them to the virtual world and sends them to the central server for storage in the centralised database.

Depending on the needs of the centre, as many stations can be deployed as necessary, which enables it to be run by patients and report the results to the central server. There are currently two different therapy station versions: for a hospital environment (Assisted Version) and for outpatient or home application (Independent Version).

Technical Specifications

Hardware and Communications

The minimum requirements for the hardware are:

  • Intel Core 2 DUO 2.4 GHz processor or higher.
  • 2 GB RAM or higher.
  • Graphics card: with NVIDIA chipset and VGTA output, DVI output and compound video output
  • Large LCD TV screen (with support) for virtual scenario display and monitor of at least 17″ for instructor station.
  • Connectivity with Toyra central server.

The following sensorization elements are also included:

  • Sensor kit enabling complete sensoring of an arm, head and thorax, with validation for use of the system with the following:
          • XSens MTx Kit, with 5 wired inertial sensors and wireless hub.
          • XSens MTw Kit, with 5 wireless inertial sensors and hub +1 spare.
          • TechNaid dGAM-3D Kit, with 5 wired inertial sensors and wireless hub.
          • Microsoft Kinect for Windows. This option has the added advantage of being low cost, includes movements of both arms but does not include a realistic measurement of pronosupination.
  • Sony BUZZ wireless remote control and Bluetooth connector for computer. Necessary for capturing pincer movements of patient.
  • Motorised wheelchair joystick, adapted but compatible with the system. Thanks to this device the wheelchair simulator can be adapted


The following specific SW should be installed in the equipment that is to be used as interactive therapy stations:

  • Windows 7 OS for all versions except Windows XP, SP3 for the MTw version.
  • Microsoft Office and latest version of Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader for displaying results.

The latest available version of the drivers of the measurement devices is also facilitated (amongst the ones already mentioned) as well as the configuration software, and support software for working with voice.

The software of the interactive therapy station is also included, which is presented in various versions, according to the needs of the specific application, between the hospital interface (when support from a professional is required) and the home interface (much simpler and simplified for use by the patient himself).