Objective Therapy and Audiovisual Rehabilitation

Toyra is an upper limb rehabilitation product via a real-time virtual reality and motion capture system.

It is a tool based on new technologies that offers health professionals an objective measurement of Occupational Therapy to improve the management of a patient’s progress. It is also a useful tool for clinical analysis of results for the scientific community.

It is a great step forward on the road towards integrating new technologies into the physical rehabilitation of upper limbs.

Toyra increases patient motivation and, in this way, how effective the therapy is, markedly reducing average hospital stay times

It incorporates know-how from several research centres in Spain, such as the renowned Toledo National Hospital for Paraplegics, with case studies of spinal cord injuries, or the Hospital Virgen del Valle for general cases of disabilities of upper limbs.

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Toyra adapts to both patient and professional needs coming in two versions

Assisted Toyra

Assisted Toyra is a rehabilitation tool for the professional setting. Its capacities include objective measurements, treatment and monitoring of rehabilitation process results for a large number of patients.

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Independent Toyra

The Independent Toyra system is easy-to-handle for patients at home, more economical and offers remote objective measurements, treatment and monitoring for rehabilitation.

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If you would like to see how Toyra works, we can organise a demonstration for you. We can show you both the Independent and Assisted version in a single session.

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